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Corporate Demos

Emphasize your Corporate Identity with your Corporate German Voice.

Have you ever thought about choosing the one and only corporate German voice for your company? The German voice of Tom Hanks was for many, many years one and the same man. The listener builds up trust and feels confident to listen the same voice connected to one person or one company. Listen to ads from Volkswagen or BMW! Since years they have worked with one corporate master voice and only a few others.

Since 1999 RADIOMACHEN has produced for many big companies. The car industry of Germany loves the voice of Falk and BMW, VW and Daimler have ordered voice overs multiple times. Also sporting companies have an eye and ear on our German voice over service. The FIFA, the famous German soccer club FC Bayern Munich and other big players are our partners.

Connect your awesome company to a unique voice which helps your corporate identity to get recognized even faster. With our corporate German voice over service we work together on your campaign and find the voice which reflects your company.