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Narration Demos

Voice Over Narration in German for any occasion

When started with radio in 1999 Falk was told that he is gifted with a unique voice by many of his colleagues. That was a huge compliment for him because he always felt addicted to radio and TV. When he became 4 years old he listened to radio every day and played radio host together with his sister. With 10 he constructed his first pirate radio station which was broadcasting only 500 meters. Anyway, the passion to be a voice talent was always in his blood.

To produce a good Voice over narration in German it is even more then just the passion and a good voice. You have to be a storyteller which grabs the attention of your audience in an eye blink. Do you remember your early days at school? Who was a good teacher? Right, the one who understood what he was talking about.

When Falk narrates documentaries, tutorials or news he wants to teach with this special kind of responsibility that the best teachers at our schools had. Sometimes a Voice over narration in German can sound mystical, other times dry but engaging.