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Travel and Leisure Demos

Travel and Leisure Voice in German by a real traveler.

Falk, the voice behind RADIOMACHEN, is a well-known traveler and popular among adventurers from around the world and travel companies. Since he has started traveling he wrote travel books, spoke audio travel guides, put himself on stage for travel shows, founded his own travel company for individual tours in Centralamerica and discovered remote places and hidden gems. That gives him the background and experience to understand traveling. His Travel and Leisure Voice Overs in German are honored and valued.

A good travel and leisure narration voice over don't simply tell you about a specific destination. We create the mood of the destination! Listen Falk's voice in Kaliningrad, Russia, or on a Hop-on-Hop-off-Tour in Amsterdam, Holland. Find unforgettable travel documentations throughout the web and feel his passion of producing voice overs for the top destinations worldwide.